Create a future like never before with semiconductors.

We will pursue to create value as
stagehand of manufacturing industry with semiconductors

Feature Our strengths

01Number of manufacturers handled

Over 1000 companies
*As of 2024
We can provide abundant products that are not limited to semiconductors and electronic components. We will continue to support manufacturing companies with a worldwide procurement network and adapt to the changes of the times.


Founded 28 years
*As of 2024
Since our founding, we have continued to conduct steady sales and built relationships by visiting our customers frequently. We will continue to move forward in order to further develop and provide even more value than ever before.

03Trading performance

Over 2000 companies
*As of 2024
We have been able to do business with many companies, especially focusing on SMEs. Recently, we have expanded our support range to venture companies and major companies, and we aim to grow more than we were by being involved in a wide variety of manufacturing.

04Trading ratio of customer

Over 90 %
*As of 2024
Provided specialized procurement support to industrial equipment manufacturers. We focus on creating new value with a wide range of know-how through a variety of businesses.

Business Business introduction

Our Solution


icon-right Electronic components

Purchasing operations are becoming more complex. We have been able to shorten delivery times, ensure quality, and reduce costs by proposing electronic components with a worldwide procurement network.

icon-right Manufacturing (Development・Outsourced manufacturing)

The entire process(development and prototyping to mass-produced products)is completed at our partner factories nationwide. We respond quickly and courteously to customer needs at any stage.We will actively incorporate Japan’s technological capabilities, which continue to evolve day by day, and contribute to all manufacturing.

icon-right Precision sheet metal

We thorough quality control system for each manufacturing process and delivered only excellent products to our customers. By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we efficiently produce high-quality products and provide a wide range of products.

icon-right Purchasing agency

In order to reduce the customer’s management time that could be an issue(Purchasing operations, delivery・inventory・PCN management,cash flow improvement etc.) And we will make various suggestions for improvement.

icon-right IoT (router)

It is compatible with various communication methods(remote management, high durability, heartbeat functions etc) we will help you solve problems with IoT solutions.

icon-right LCD・BOARD

We have a wide range of LCDs in a variety of sizes and specs as products for the embedded market. We provide optimal solutions that meet customer needs.We also offer suggestions and customization for your project regarding CPU boards equipped with Intel, AMD, ARM.


icon-right Komuro store

As our philosophy, we do not only use the profits for ourselves. Therefore leading to the development of a sustainable society through business. We will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities through social support activities, including donations to the Japanese Red Cross Society, and efforts to contribute to the local community at our distribution warehouse.


Client:Electric bicycle control board Manufacturer Quantity:20000 pcs (EAU) Background:Adopted as a replacement for domestic LCD driver IC manufacturers due to long delivery times.

※Achieved delivery time reduction of more than 6 months

Client:Sterilization equipment Manufacturer Quantity:5000 pcs (EAU) Background:Selected because it was the only product that was approved by other domestic manufacturers when applying for PSE.

※Achieved delivery time reduction of more than 1 year

Client:Triaxial sensor amplifier Manufacturer Quantity:3000 pcs (EAU) Background:Adopted to replace the legacy microcontroller.

※Achieved 30% cost reduction

Client: Food conveyance equipment Manufacturer Quantity: 3000 pcs (EAU) Background:Adopted to replace rising unit prices by domestic power supply manufacturers.

※Achieved 20% cost reduction


We focus on solving our customers’ problems.

We have expanded our network around the world and built a supply system for electronic devices.
Utilizing our network not only with major domestic, but also with overseas electronic component manufacturers.
And we aim to develop our servies as business areas(design and manufacturing outsourcing and purchasing agency、IOT、LCD・BOARD)to solve custmer’s problems.
We currently have bases in South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong for building a global supply network for semiconductors and electronic components.
This allows us to be able to quickly respond to customer needs.

Message Top Message

Our company is based on the philosophy of our founder, former president Masaharu Tanaka,
we have built a relationship of trust with our customers and steadily grown to visit customers frequently and solve their problems one by one.

Customers face various issues and it is becoming more diverse, because the market is changing at a faster pace as well.

Our way of being has also changed significantly.
Trading companies that simply sell goods will be weeded out, and we must become only one that is chosen by customers.
We aim to create a new value with speedly and flexibility in an ever-changing market for the future.
CEO Yuichi Sato

Location Overseas Location


15, Jakdong-Ro 7Beon-Gil Bucheon-Si Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
TEL: +82-2-2675-1374
FAX: +82-2-6677-1377


Location:Unit D6, 16/F,Glee Industrial Building, No.77-81 Chai Wan Kok Street, Tsuen Wan,N.T.Hong Kong
TEL: +852 3105 0024
FAX: +852 8343 7151

Taiwan Office

Location:1F, No. 306, Section 1, Linong Street, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-2828-2589
FAX: +886-2-2828-2536