The go ahead of the

SISTEC strives to supply of semiconductors and electronic devices in our own route. Also, but electronics market is strong growth is expected to continue future, some countries and companies to new entrants many, manufacturing industry has been at a critical crossroads.

We will continue to achieve more there was to the needs "Supply & Solution" in it.

[Company Information]

Company Name

SISTEC Co., Ltd.



Paid-up Capital

50,000,000 yen

Board of Director

President Yuichi Sato

Areas of Business

Sale of semiconductors, electronic components and electronic equipment


Head Office(Tokyo) [MAP]
9F Tachibana-Kameido Bldg. 2-26-10,Kameido,Koto-ku,Tokyo,136-0071 JAPAN
TEL (+81)3-3685-6211/FAX (+81)3-3685-6255

Osaka Office [MAP]
11F PACIFIC MARKS ESAKA. 9-1,Toyotsu-cho,Suita,Osaka,564-0051 JAPAN

Suwa Office [MAP]
1-1558-4,Kamigawa,Suwa-shi,Nagano Pref,392-0021 JAPAN

Kyushu Office [MAP]
1-5-1,Hakata-Ekimae,Hakata-ku,Fukuoka-shi,Fukuoka Pref,812-0011 JAPAN

Kitakami Office [MAP]
3-11-30,Odori,Kitakami-shi,Iwate Pref,024-0061 JAPAN

13, Dangsan-Dong 5ga Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL 82-2-2675-1374/FAX 82-2-6677-1377

Taiwan Office [MAP]
松徳貿易有限公司 台湾・台北市北投区立農街一段306号1F
TEL 886-2-2828-2589/FAX 886-2-2828-2536

Associated company

1-1558-4,Kamigawa,Suwa-shi,Nagano Pref,392-0021 JAPAN
TEL (+81)266-58-3130/FAX (+81)266-58-9108

[Corporate history]

March 1996

Incorporated with the capital of JPY10,000,000.


Began using Taiwanese products.

July 1999

Increased the capital to JPY20,000,000.

June 2001

Moved to Tachibana-Kameido Building for enlarged operations.

August 2001

Increased the capital to JPY40,000,000.


Increased the capital to JPY50,000,000.

January 2002

Opened an office in Osaka.

October 2002

Joint exhibition with [Data Image] at LCB/PDP International 2002 at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA.

April 2004

Opened an office in Suwa.

September 2006

Opened an office in Korea.

December 2008

Obtained ISO14001.

January 2009

Opened an office in Kyushu.

April 2010

Entered into a distribution agreement with Panasonic Electric Works.

May 2012

We was awarded a Japanese Merit Medal (Konjuhosho).

March 2017

We was awarded the second Japanese Merit Medal (Konjuhosho).

August 2017

Entered into an authorized agency agreement with RECOM Power GmbH.

November 2017

Entered into an authorized agency agreement with Coilcraft, Inc.


Our Sales is wearing a high product knowledge is, carrying a foot in Japan, such as to meet the demands, we have obtained the trust of our customers in a steady activity. Also actively participate in study sessions of manufacturers, we are also working to strengthen its employee training. Newly opened a sales office in Seoul in foreign countries, as well as sales of electronic components and materials of Japanese manufacturers with high technology and quality in Korea, we offer a variety of services.

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