Located in the east of Tokyo, SISTEC, from its foundation in Kameido, has provided services to small medium sized manufacturing companies in Japan through its flexible and adaptable sales activities, which a large company lacks. In an increasingly changing electronics industry, we have determined to support our client’s products manufacturing, as a trading company which can add value through designing and finished products, export distribution and overseas expansion beyond just a trading company, so that we can meet our clients’ new needs.

1. Client first with humility, authenticity and gratitude

2. Speedy and adaptable approach

3. Go global from Kameido - network


12 March 2021

We have started renting particle visualization cameras.

30 October 2020

The Webpage of the Optical Equipment Division has been renewed.

13 October 2020

Opened an office in Kitakami.

20 August 2020

We was awarded the third Japanese Merit Medal (Konjuhosho).

15 November 2017

Entered into an authorized agency agreement with Coilcraft, Inc.

1 August 2017

Entered into an authorized agency agreement with RECOM Power GmbH.

9 March 2017

We was awarded the second Japanese Merit Medal (Konjuhosho).

1 December 2015

Entered into an agency agreement with CRBOX Co., Ltd.

1 August 2012

We was awarded a Japanese Merit Medal (Konjuhosho).

1 April 2010

Entered into a distribution agreement with Panasonic Electric Works.

10 January 2009

Opened an office in Kyushu.

1 December 2008

Obtained ISO14001.

Tokyo office obtained ISO14001 as part of the environmental protection activities.